About Nauticus

Our approach is that working within a company should be fun. Outstanding results are only possible by adopting this approach. Passion, interest and enthusiasm can move mountains - but also generate new creative products and increase sales.

Nauticus - Corporate Team Training

Together with partners, we have long since been integrated and involved in other companies in an advisory and directional manner. Every day we see thousands of things that work, but also the many obstacles, adversities and blockages that affect long-term success.

When we realized that traditional training courses only bring moderate and also often only short-term improvements, we considered, jointly with experts from different industries, how to make them better.

We arrived at our goal in quite an unorthodox manner. It became clear to us, that you can also reach targets in a way that is fun, arouses interest, passion and joy - without too much trouble. Whether it is learning a foreign language or a new hobby, if you approach the task in hand with joy and fulfilment, then you can learn easily and sustainably.

Crew + boat + nature + experience = team. Let us convince you of our idea.

Our expertise is complemented by the knowledge and understanding of the region and of the particularities of East Germany.

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