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Team training

Practical further training of teams, groups and departments:
  • Sailing planning and implementation
  • Lone wolves and team players jointly constitute a crew
  • From the ship's cook to captain and back
  • Cope with challenges together and overcome boundaries
  • Transfer of adventures and experiences on board, based on the company's everyday life

Team experiences

From shared experiences to efficient working results:
  • Older and younger employees learn from each other
  • Men and women supplement each other with their partially varied skills
  • Identify problems, find solutions and implement
  • Connect success-oriented professional and private interests
  • Joy, planning and communication is essential

Management training

Practical training specifically for management:
  • To be a captain is difficult and has to be learned
  • Assumption of responsibility vs. confidence in the team
  • Teach, delegate and plan within the team
  • Keep a cool head in difficult situations
  • Applicability of experience in the company
members of company group: