We show your team how it works in different situations, what potentials it has and where the difficulties lie.

Nauticus - Corporate Team Training

Thanks to our many years of experience in working with a variety of companies, we are aware of the difficulties and tribulations within groups, teams and between the different hierarchical levels. Quite often, cooperation, task distribution, the assumption of responsibility and communication consist of considerable potentials. Even though the best is being done in a situation, it is quite often the case that only a neutral view from outside can really get to the point of what might work better.

We are familiar with the solutions that are offered on the market for this purpose - the exercises, the training sessions and the many good approaches. However, the accessibility of the learning objectives and the long-lasting implementation within teams and companies are often faced with limits.

It is here where we come in. We achieve successful learning outcomes through enthusiasm.

Whilst on a boat within the given spatial limitations, group members are automatically involved with all actions and relationship networks. Within a short time, the positions, hierarchies and demands change therein. One minute Tim is the captain and everyone listens to his command, then the crew boatswain changes. With it, the team's mentality too.

We use the comfortable boats of our partner Kuhnle-Tours.

Let’s go to Mecklenburg - anchors away!

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tut gut
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